Monday, May 3, 2010

My Girls!

I some cute pictures for you tonight. This was Paige's second year of tap dance and she had her recital this weekend. She did so good even though it was so long. So many people come to see it that that have to have it 2 days in a weekend and it lasts 3-4 hours. Paige felt like such a little princess though in her outfit and she had a ton of fun.

This is Amaya in her Poppy Dip Twirl that I won on the Poppy Dip blog. Did I happen to mention I am having a Poppy Dip giveaway that you can enter by clicking the link above. I totally understand why she calls these twirls because that is all Amaya did the whole time she had it on. She LOVES her twirl!!!
Oh.....I wish I were rich and could buy a closet full of these.

How was your weekend?

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Shannon said...

Oh so fun!!!!!!! You girls are darling! I love the twirling pics!