Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Six Months Ago Today

I can't believe it has been six months since we first laid eyes on and touched our precious son for the first time. At the same time it's hard to believe that Jaxson has only been with us six months. This first picture was taken within the first few minutes of us seeing Jaxson for the first time. If you want to read my journal entry from that day you can click here.
This next picture was taken I think about a week after we got home. It didn't take long at all for Jaxson to show us that he is full of personality.Yes, he is such a silly, happy, beautiful child.

It only took us a day of having him to know that his favorite things are cars and tractors. This hasn't changed a bit since being home and actually it is really hard to believe he doesn't have the same genes as his daddy. Only God could make such a perfect match.

When we first put Jaxson on the swing he hated it and now he loves it. Jaxson can also swing on a big swing now balancing himself with one amazing arm. Have I said before there is nothing this child can't do that a child with 2 arms can do? Actually Jaxson can do more with one arm than most kids his age can with 2 arms.

Jaxson dressed up as a ninja for Halloween and it is so cute to see him put on the outfit and then practice his kicks.

The kids all love daddy time at night and mommy does too because it gives me a few minutes of quiet time.

God has truly blessed us with a beautiful family. Jaxson has been a PERFECT fit to our family. I wish his birth parents could see him and know how loved this precious child is.


Tony and Rett said...

He IS perfect, you're right! AND he'll make a great son-in-law!

Mom Of Many said...

He is absolutely beautiful! I am sure that he and my Isaiah would be great buddies if we lived near each other...how blessed you are!