Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amaya is 5!

I cannot believe it but our first miracle baby is 5! I can't believe how emotional this was for me. Before this precious beautiful girl came along I had spent four years crying thinking God would never give us children. Now we have 2 beautiful, amazing girls that were homegrown and a precious little boy that God planted in our hearts from the other side of the world and all in 5 years.

I can't believe that tiny little 7 pound 7 ounce girl I held in my arms 5 short years ago will be going to school in a few months. This will be one sad mama on the day she goes to school as I get sad just being away from this precious girl for a couple of hours.

Amaya is so big this year she even told me she was going to decorate her own cake but it was OK for me to put the words on. Amaya decided back in the spring that she wanted a pumpkin cake and she never forgot about that (she doesn't forget ANYTHING, even from when she was 18 months old) so we had pumpkin cake.Amaya also decided back in the spring that she wanted a pinata for her birthday. Well we don't have much money right now because with the economy Chris hasn't been getting much work. I have to say I was broken hearted thinking we couldn't get this thing for her she has thought about since spring. Let me tell you how much God loves this precious child. We went to W*lmart the other night to get a few things for her party and they had all the Halloween things on sale. They had a Halloween pinata on sale for 25 cents (they are usually $20) so Amaya got her pinata for her birthday.Amaya was big enough this year too that she could get some big girl stuff so we got her a manicure, pedicure, make-up set and oh how she is lovin that.
I am so thankful God entrusted us with this amazing, beautiful, loving child!


Tony and Rett said...

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY Amaya! I think you should do the next post on here since you're SO grown up!!!

I'm glad you got everything you wished for this year! I pray all of your next birthday wishes come true too!

We can't wait to continue to watch you grow up!

Happy Birthday!

christina said...

Happy Birthday, Amaya! :) So thankful that you got your pinata...God is so good!

Mom Of Many said...

Super cool that your Amaya's birthday is the day before mine! I also loved what you you spent 4 years crying and now in 5 years you have 3! How faithful God is! Yippee Jesus! PS A pinata for 25 cents - oh how this Mama loves a bargain!