Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adopting Boys

Something has really been bothering me so I thought I would just take the time and share. The agency that we used to adopt Jaxson from sent out a newsletter last night saying that right now they have a list of 300 children waiting on a list from China to be adopted. These children waiting are mostly children with special needs or older children. Out of the list of 300 children 200 of them are boys. Do you know that that boys are very hard for agencies to place?

When we started our adoption for Guatemala 6 years ago the wait for a boy was about 4 months and the wait for a girl was 12-15 months. In China it is rare that someone would request a healthy boy. I was told by an agency once that they can place 25-30 girls in the same amount of time it takes to place 1 or 2 boys. It seems to be this way with about every country out there.
Don't get me wrong I know that the girls need homes too and that God calls people to adopt girls but I wish people would notice the boys too. Is it because boys you can't dress them up in dresses and put their hair up in bows?

I am not putting down anyone that has adopted a girl or who is adopting a girl because they need homes too. I just wish people would consider boys more and realize that they also need a good home.

I wouldn't trade my girls for the world but I am also so blessed to have a boy that loves his mama like crazy. A boy that wakes me up by rubbing my arm gently. A boy that kisses me a million times a day and tells me he loves me all the time. A boy that puts his hand on my cheek and looks in my eyes to show me just how much he loves me. Boys aren't all about being dirty and causing trouble. Boys are a blessing from God and I wish more people would give God the oppurtunity to let him bless them with a boy.

If you are thinking about adopting would you please considering letting God bless you with a son?


Jaime said...

i cam across your blog just by looking for people hwo have the common interest in adoption. i found it entertaining that your son in names Jaxson (mine is Jaxon.
i guess God lead me to your blog. My husband and I are planning to start the adoption process again next summer (military deployment making us wait) and we've both been struggling on where to adopt from and are we ready for special needs. we're still working on it. but i wanted to let you know that your post struck a chord in me.
Thank you for being so honest.

christina said...

As a momma to 4 little boys, I say "RIGHT ON, Sarah!" :) When I am out in public with my 4 little men, someone always asks if they are all boys {with a look of pity & a twisted face}. I am proud to have the opportunity to be the momma to these boys...and I pray that with God's help we grow them up to be loving, caring, bold, protecting, God-fearing, Jesus-loving husbands for someone's daughters someday. :)

chicknboy said...

Sarah-I'm SO with you. Boys are just as sweet and just as much fun as girls...and it breaks our heart that so many boys sit and wait for forever.

And -I think there is ALWAYS a very special bond between a mother and her son. :)

Mom Of Many said...

I couldn't agree with you more - boys so totally rock!! There is something so precious about each of my sons and their tender care of their mommy! I wouldn't trade them for the world and if I could, I would take a hundred more!