Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Powerful Blogs

My friend Rett must be more of an internet junkie than me because she keeps sending me these powerful blogs. After reading these 2 blogs The Journey and A Place Called Simplicity it has really got me thinking about how in a time of so many bad things going on in the world and such negative things in the news we are so many times missing the big God things.

What if we stopped focusing on what is going to happen in the next year or two? Will gas prices go up? Will the stock market completely crash and we are in a depression again? Will we have money to travel or to have cable TV? What if we just said "God, where do you want me now"? What if we said "God my faith is in you and nothing else"? What if we said "God, who cares if everyone else thinks I'm crazy I will do what you ask of me anyway"?

Couldn't we as Christians make a HUGE difference in the world just by doing what God asks us to do? Why do we put so much of our faith in earthly men and materials?

Reading the 2 blogs above just really made me think about if all Christians really stepped out in faith what could happen. Have you listened to what God is telling you? It really makes me pray about what God wants from us.

Anyway if you are reading this would you please leave a comment and tell me your favorite powerful blog? I would rather hear about God's people being faithful than watching the depressing news.

Please don't forget to read through my last post and see how you can help orphans this Christmas season.

Rett, thank you for the blogs!!!

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Tony and Rett said...

Sarah listed my two favorite blogs right now, so I'll add my next favorite:

(heheh, shameless plug)

Going to seriously pray about where God wants us...what He wants us doing...and the faithfulness to follow through!

Thanks Sarah!