Thursday, October 30, 2008

Truly the Hands and Feet of Christ

A friend of mine sent me a link to a blog to read. God clearly led my friend to this blog and I am so thankful she shared it with me. As you all know my passion is orphan care and that's what got me reading this blog but God taught me so much in reading this blog.

How many of us are truly being the hands and feet of Christ? How many of us can put fear aside to love anyone and everyone. How many of us truly depend on God to get through the day?

Please , please take the time and read this blog Start from the beginning in 2007 and read it through. I promise you it is not a waste of time and you will learn so much in reading this.

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christina said...

Man, you and I could be sisters we think so much alike! A friend sent me the link to this blog about a week ago. I wept as I read each entry...and immediately thought of you! I have been intending to send you a link - just haven't gotten to it yet. :)