Friday, October 3, 2008

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today my prayer was answered. For as long as I can remember from the time I was a very little girl I prayed that God would give me a wonderful husband.

When I was in my early 20's I didn't think God would ever answer my prayer. Funny how when your in your early 20's you feel so old if you don't have the man of your dreams yet. Finally I just started praying that God would start preparing me for my future husband and start preparing my future husband for me. I prayed that God would just send me my husband and not make me date around and be hurt like most people. I prayed that God would just show me right away when I found the right man that he would be my husband and that's what God did.

Chris and I only dated about a week or so before we got engaged (If my kids did this I would probably hurt someone). I remember the first night Chris kissed me I called mom at like 3 in the morning to tell her that I was going to marry Chris. Mom ask me how I knew and I told her that he said that he adored me. Mom said that is what she had prayed for my whole life and she also knew at that moment that Chris would be my husband. I can't even explain what happened that week but we both just knew it was right and then in a mall in Indy Chris got down on his knees and ask me to marry him.

Neither of us are your average person who wanted the normal formal church wedding. To me God is always most present when I am out in nature and see the beautiful things God has given us. We planned on a beautiful fall wedding at a friend's house that is in the country with a beautiful setting. We were going to get married with the nice fall temperature, by a pond under trees that were changing colors. We were going to have a fun hot dog roast and just give people a fun day to celebrate what God had given us. So many people worked very hard to make this amazing day happen. My dear friend and old youth pastor was the one that was going to marry us and he kept telling me to have a plan B in case it rained. I kept telling him no plan B was needed because we were in a drout, it hadn't rained in weeks and God knew this was our special day.

Well, the day finally came. I was very sick, it was very cold out (I think about 40) and it was pouring down rain, pouring down rain. I was sitting in the hair salon and mom came in and said that we had to come up with a plan B. I told her I didn't care what happened I just couldn't wait to marry Chris. In a very short time (very short time) a lot of people worked very hard to decorate the car port of my friends house, get their barn ready for the reception because we couldn't have it outside anymore and to just make sure that the wedding was still beautiful for us.

Finally the time came and we had a beautiful wedding with a couple hundred people standing around in umbrellas getting soaking wet. It is a day that not one person that was there will ever forget. It is also the day that God answered my prayer.

God blessed me with the most incredible man I could have ever ask for. God gave me a Christian husband who treats me like a princess. God gave me a husband that in 10 years never walks out the door, hangs up the phone on me or goes to bed without telling me he loves me. God gave me a man that works very, very hard to provide for his family and let's me stay at home with the kids. God gave me a man that is open to the children that God may have planned for us in the future even children with special needs that most people wouldn't even consider. God gave me a man that is a wonderful father to his children. God has truly blessed me!!!


Tony and Rett said...


I won't forget that *brrr* chilly rainy day was perfect!

You two were created for each other!

God did good! heheh :)

Kari C. said...

Happy Anniversary, Sarah!

Kari C.