Monday, October 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged!

Well, this is my first time of playing "Blogger Tag". I guess we will have to see how I do. I was tagged by , and have to list 7 random/weird facts about myself. Oh my, I feel so vulnerable!

1. I am obsessed with special needs orphans and spreading the word about them trying to find them homes (if you read my blog though you know that).

2.I really can't stand cartoons. I'm OK with Disney movies and stuff but I really cannot sit and watch cartoons.

3. I am madly in love with my husband. You would think after 10 years with the same guy it might get old but no, I am still madly in love with him and still wait at the door every night for him to come home from work.

4. I wish I owned a pastry shop.

5. I also have a dream of having a hobby farm someday. Yes, I am scared to death of mice and bugs but I would love to live on a little farm.

6. I have no desire to be rich. I don't want all the stress that people with money have and I love that God has blessed me with other riches instead. I don't mind having enough money to pay my bills though.

7. I dream of bringing home more special needs kiddos someday. I know I have to be crazy because there are days I'm pulling out my hair now but I just know we have more room in our hearts for these precious kids as long as God can provide what we need to bring them home and take care of them.

So now I must tag 7 others.............. Blessed by Baseballs and Bows A Purpose Driven Life Goins Gang Gazette Ferguson Family Fowler Family The Johnson Tribe

OK, my friends...TAG! YOU'RE IT! I sure hope some of you I tagged will update your much needed blogs = ).

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