Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What We Have Been Doing

Last spring when we got our tax check we took a small portion of it and ask God to help us multiply it. We have been hit very, very hard by the economy. Chris is a auto technician and he only gets paid when people bring their cars in to get worked on. Chris doesn't get paid by the hour he gets paid by the job. If no works comes in that means no pay.

Anyway we prayed about ways that we could multiply this little bit of money that we set aside just for this purpose. Guess what? God is multiplying this money and providing for our needs.

One of the totally crazy ways we have found to doing this is by going to foreclosure auctions and buying huge lots of peoples stuff and re-selling it. This is a very messy, dirty job and well as you can see in the picture quite overwhelming at times. Each time we do this we both have a moment of thinking we are completely insane.

The picture below is about half of what we had to begin with a week ago and we have been working very hard to dig through it, trash a lot of it and the fun part sell a lot of it.

One agreement I had with Chris when we started doing this is that I got to give to my favorite charities or I could help other adoptive families out with a portion of what we make each time. The other day I looked at our huge hillbilly mess and God reminded me that he never said it would be easy but how much fun it is when we get to use part of the money to give to him.

So if you drive by our house and wonder why it's starting to look like hillbilly heaven you now know why. Also if you live near us we are having a HUGE sale this weekend so drop by and help us clear some of this out.


Tony and Rett said...

FUN! And what an awesome way to give back to God!!!

You've always been so creative!

Adeye said...

You guys are totally amazing, friend.

christina said...

What a creative way to add a little cash to the checking account and the Kingdom! I really admire your hard work - and organization! I have been gathering things for a garage sale all summer long...and still haven't gotten it organized enough to sell! ugh. Wanna come help me? :)

Goins Gang said...

We will pray that God multiplies your efforts in selling your items! May God continue to bless you for your faithfulness to Him and His work!
We love you all!
The Goins Gang