Monday, September 14, 2009

My Very First Memorial Box Monday

I told you Thursday that I got a very precious gift in the mail last week. My precious bloggy friend Linny had a giveaway for a Memorial Box on her blog. If you don't know what Memorial Box Monday is please click here. When Linny first posted about her giveaway months ago I was not interested because I didn't think it was something that I would keep up with. One day Linny wrote a post and it hit me that this is something God wanted me to do. I decided to sign up for her giveaway and believe it or not I won.

Linny gave 10 of them away and I think I was number 4 (I can't even remember). Linny let people choose the box they wanted in the order she picked the names. When it was my turn she sent me a picture of the boxes to pick from but she told me she felt like one of them would fit me perfect even though she didn't really know me. When I looked at the pictures that was the only one that fit me perfect.

Linny doesn't know this but this memorial box (pictured below) reminds me so much of the time I was closest to God in my life. Right before I met Chris I didn't think I would ever meet Mr. Right. I finally gave up looking for the perfect guy and made God my perfect guy. I spent hours and hours with God everyday and even woke up in middle of the night to spend time with God. This box (an antique sewing drawer) represents so much of who I was, what I liked and a very special friend God gave me during that time. Thank you so much my sweet friend Linny (by the way God willing I will get to meet my precious bloggy friend next week).

I wrote my friend Rett this morning and told her about something that happened this weekend and she told me that is what I needed to use for my first Memorial Box Monday.

This last week I have been feeling so blah and just felt like I have not been giving God all that I could be. I honestly have been feeling weak and like I am being attacked by the evil one. The good thing is I have grown enough in the last year that I can recognize this now.

Anyway this weekend something happened. I ask Rett if she thought I was crazy and she told me I wasn't but God either sent me an angel or God sent someone to be a messenger to me.

We had our HUGE yard sale this weekend and for a short time I was working it by myself and my mom had taken the kids for a few hours. During that time if one person would stop then several others would stop at the same time.

During that time I was alone a man stopped by and was looking around not just at the stuff in the yard sale but at everything around. While he was here not one other person came until he was leaving. Anyway he stopped and started talking to me and ask me if I grew up around here because he said he did. I told him I did and told him my parents name and he didn't know who they were (we live in a town of 1500 people and EVERYONE in this town knows my mom and dad). Then he started talking to me about what he does for a living and then he looked me in the eye and said "you know it is sad to me that young people don't know how to be content in life". He said that the only way to be content in life is to have God. He said that material things do not bring people to contentment and that it was sad that young people work away their lives in jobs they hate just to think they will enjoy life when they are old. He said that is so foolish though because when your old you don't feel like enjoying all that God has given us. He said if people would just realize that true joy is found in God and not material things then people would be so much happier. Then he said goodbye and left.

It's funny because Chris and I are not at all what you would consider material people. We do not live in a fancy house, we only buy ourselves clothes when we REALLY need them, we rarely take vacations, In almost 11 years of marriage the only new furniture we have bought is a mattress and a rocking chair for when I was nursing, we just aren't what you would consider people who find enjoyment out of material things. God has been teaching us though this last year that we do have wayyyyyy more than so many people and God is teaching us to live a more simple life.

Rett told me I need to find a little angel or a yard sale sign to remind me of the messenger God sent to our yard sale so I will be working on that. Thank you so much Linny for the box and Rett for thinking of a symbol for me.


Tony and Rett said...

What an amazing story, Sarah. Just when you're feeling out of sorts, God sends a little reminder of His word...

Don't give me the credit for the symbol. Thank God for sending a stranger to cross your path with a reminder we all need to hear.

IzzyBeth said...

Angels unaware. :-)

Mom Of Many said...

What a perfect first story!! And so very happy that you love the box...I thought it was gorgeous when I found it!!

See you soon, Lord willing!! xo