Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I LOVE fall! It is looking like fall outside so I decided my blog needed a new look. I love everything about fall, the changing leaves, the cool air in the morning, needing my electric blanket on at night, cuddling with my hubby to get warm, hot apple cider, pumpkins and so much more.

The best part about fall is that fall is when I married my amazing husband!


Tony and Rett said...

Love the blog look!

It inspires me, because I LOVE FALL TOO!

Holly said...

Me too! Fall is THE best!
Sadly my hubby isn't here to cuddle or drink cider.
It's still 110 degrees where he's at :(

Adeye said...

Ooohhh---LOVE the new look :)

Goins Gang said...

Love the new blog look and Fall is the best time of year!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a co-worker once that looked at fall differently. She considered it the season of death. Think about it, leaves are all dying, falling to the ground. They you trample their remains, bag them, burn them, etc... She would say, "death is all around us". Kind of a depressing take on the season isn't it.