Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting Child

This precious boy needs a mommy and daddy!

Boy, Born August 12, 2006
Isn't Timothy DARLING?? This handsome, happy, active 2 year old boy is just waiting for his family to come get him!!! He will be 2 in August and is already up and walking. He does have an oval window, but this has not stopped him in any way. he eats and sleeps well, is social and active with the other typical children, and has been very well taken care of. He will make a wonderful addition to ANY family!

For more information on this precious boy contact Andrea at or go to


Joyful Mom said...

Trusting with you that God would move on the hearts of his family----now!

Tony and Rett said...

Oh, he IS darling!!! Hmmm, maybe YOU should bring him home! :)

Goins Gang said...

He sure is cute!
We will pray his forever family finds him quickly!