Friday, February 6, 2009

Waiting Child

If you are considering adopting a child with special needs you need to go check out this precious, precious little girl waiting in Mexico. Just click here and you can see little Carmelita. Oh how I wish the timing was right for us to bring this precious child home.

Please don't miss the video link I posted in the last post.


Jaime said...

oh mylanta! precious. i love going to reecesrainbow and daydreaming of the day that we adopt our downs child. it's something we've always said we wanted to do... one day, some day

Jaime said...

in reply to your comment... would absolutely love to but with hubby deployed it just can't happen. we'll see what the Lord has planned for us upon his return though. there are just so many options out there, that we definitley can't choose... it's all in His hands. He guided us to our Jax, he'll guide us to our next child too. (But, I REALLY struggle with waiting for God's perfect timing!!!!)

Adeye Salem said...

Oh my goodness----she is absolutely precious. Whyyyyyy can't we just go and get them ALL :)
Sounds like you are also facing some life-changing decisions. Standing with you and trusting that God would speak so clearly to your heart. I know He will :)