Monday, August 6, 2012

15 Out Of 300

Our little man is getting ready to start special needs pre-school very, very soon. I am so very excited for him because we have used this school before for Jaxson and I know how much they love on the kiddos and what a good school it is. I am also very excited because the person in charge of the school is very excited about our little man and she is going to get him all kinds of adaptive things that he can use at school including a nice chair for him. We still don't have any adoptive equipment for him, not even a chair for him at our house yet due to the cost of everything adaptive but hopefully we will soon.

I was working on his paperwork today for school though and I had TONS of questions to answer. One of the forms had 300 questions on it about things he could do. As I was filling out the form I noticed that almost every answer was "no my child cannot do this". At the end of the form I decided to count how many he could do and it was only about 15. Honestly it hadn't even hit me until that moment what he should really be doing at his age. God gave me a special gift many years ago of looking past a child's "special needs" and seeing straight to their hearts. I don't spend my days thinking he can't say words, he can't drink out of a cup, he doesn't understand what "no" means simply because we have never had to tell him no. In the eyes of the school our little man can do very little. In the eyes of this momma I know that he has stolen many hearts already, he is teaching people that God can use you no matter what you can physically do. He may not be able to fight with his siblings but instead he gives them this amazing smile that makes them know he loves them unconditionally. He may not be able to ask me for something, but he has a way of letting me know when he needs things. He may not be able to do much compared to others his age but what he has to offer is a very rare gift that not many children have.

I just realized that I hadn't blogged since before our little man came home. He has been home since June 23rd and he has truly blessed our socks off!! Here is a sneak peak at our little man but I won't post any face pictures until the adoption is final (sorry, I know it's killing me too).

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Maureen said...

So true Sarah. I felt the same way when I was filling out forms for our sweet Molly. Physically she registers at 6 months...did not think about what she could not do as love over rides all of it...we continue to focus on what she can do! Love how these kids just keep blessing others!