Friday, June 15, 2012

Cute Picture Day

These 2 precious sisters are as different as night and day but they love each other so very much and I love watching them together (when they are not fighting anyway).

The cool part about going to Michigan every other week for the last 2 months is the kids have gotten a lot of pool time and they are loving it! I just signed 5 kids up for swim lessons so next week they are really going to have fun.

Last but not least is a picture of our bundle of 5 right now. I can't show faces of the boys so I thought I would show this picture to give you an idea. It really is fun having 5 kids ages 5-8!

I wish I could share a picture of little Torry man but not yet :(  I promise that when the adoption is final (hopefully around Christmas) that I will drive you crazy with pictures of our precious angel!!!

1 comment:

Mark and Melanie said...

What a blessed Christmas present that will be!! Love the pics.