Thursday, June 14, 2012

5+4-2+1-1+1= ?

How often is it that you have to count your hand how many kids you have? I went to sign us up at the YMCA the other day and they asked how many kids I had and I honestly had to think about it for a minute.

Our 2 smallest foster children left so we were down to 5 kids. Torry came for a visit so then we were at 6 kids. I had to take Torry back yesterday so then we were back to 5 and tonight I have my niece so we are at 6 again.

I am so used to having a big family now that I can't handle the silence. I had a chance to spend the night all by myself in a hotel room last night and I just couldn't do it because I wanted my noisy family back.

I found out that our little Torry will be coming home forever next week and we are sooooo excited! I know people don't understand and I am so trying to understand them not understanding but I just don't. If we would say no to him we would be missing out on one of the most precious treasures that God has ever offered us. If you had someone offer you the most incredible gift you could ever imagine but it came with a little extra work would you turn it away? We understand that our life will change. We understand that Torry could live with us forever and he will require a lot of extra care. We also understand though that God put Torry on this earth for a very special purpose and for some reason God has given us the opportunity to parent this incredible child and we wouldn't turn him away for the world. If you don't understand that's fine but just rejoice with us that our baby is coming home!


Kathy Schriefer said...

I'm so happy for you and so blessed that we got to meet last summer. Torry is blessed by God to be coming home to your hearts and I know, as you said, that you all will be blessed as well. God has great things for all of you!

Mark and Melanie said...

I am totally rejoicing with you!!! What a wonderful day it will be when he comes home for good!! Love you guys!!