Monday, November 19, 2012

We Have a Court Date / Double Adoption!!!

I know I haven't blogged forever but it is so hard when we have this beautiful 3 year old in our home that is "our" son but not legally yet so I can't say too much about him or post pictures. Anyway we finally have a court date for our adoption and it is December 12th!!! Not only do we get to have our adoption that day but we are sharing the court room with my brother and his family who are adopting their foster son at the same time. Now I think that is pretty cool don't you??? out because this momma will have lots of blogging to catch up on once I can post pictures!

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Kelly said...

Isn't it funny. I started reading your blog because of adoption and limb difference, and when I come back and revisit it after awhile you're taking in foster kids. We've been approved for foster/adoption, but have not yet heard anything. I'm going to start tuning back in again. I would love to talk to you about your experiences.... but you sound swamped! God Bless Your Family.