Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being A Family Of Nine

It has been almost 2 weeks now that we have been a family of 9 (10 once Torry comes home) and we are actually doing really well. To be honest I think we are doing better than we did when we were a family of 5.

The kiddos always have someone to play with. If you get frustrated with one sibling you just go find another one. Do you know how fast a house can get cleaned when you have 9 people helping?

We were even ready for church 30 minutes early the other morning and this has never happened when we were a family of 5. We even did 9 showers/baths before church and still was ready early.

We even managed to take everyone out to eat the other night and grocery shopping and we got many comments on how well behaved our children were. The waitress at the restaurant even said that after one of the kids leaving her a nice size puke mess to clean up (too much chocolate milk).

The downfall to having a family of nine is the amount of laundry we now have!

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Maureen said...

God always has a way of showing up when we are obedient! Blessings!