Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am coming to you with an emergency request. This child needs a home now or will soon be put in a HORRIBLE place.

This beautiful little boy is in Eastern Europe and here is more information on him.
Born April 13, 2005
Ruslan is a beautiful little boy, with olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. He is up and walking. His medical records do not show a heart condition. At this young age, he would still be eligible for in-home early intervention services. Ruslan's mother was a GYPSY (of mixed European and Asian descent). She abandoned him when he was born. He is facing a horrible institution, and we need to get him out before that happens. Please save Ruslan!
Married couples only may apply
No more than 45 years between parent and child
No stated family size restrictions
Total with travel approx $22k
Both parents for 2 1/2 weeks to attend court
Both parents return home for 3 weeks, and only one must return to complete the adoption for approx 4-5 days
Here is how you can help:
Pray and pray hard that this child finds a family FAST.
Adoption is very, very costly and a lot of families would love to bring children in their home if they only had the money to bring these children home. It is sad that children like this can face a horrible future because a family that would take and love them can't afford to bring them home. You can help by donating money to bring this child home, even a little bit helps.
Spread the word about this precious child.
ADOPT THIS CHILD and give him a loving home where he is taken care of.
For more information on this precious child, to donate money to help a family bring him home or to just say "I want to bring this child home" contact Andrea at bamaroberts@comcast.net

Andrea Roberts, Executive DirectorReece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministrywww.reecesrainbow.org

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