Monday, September 8, 2008

Dance Class Started Today

Amaya and Paige were very excited today because dance class started back up. This is Amaya's 2nd year of tap and Paige's 1st year.

Paige had so much fun and did so good and she even has another little girl in her class named Amaya.

Amaya's class blew me away. Last year her class was just a bunch of little girls running around that none of them were very good at listening including Amaya. This year in her class everyone was paying attention and they really were doing a good job.

I have a picture of Paige but I didn't get a good one of Amaya because the battery on my camera was going bad and Jaxson kept bumping me. Oh, speaking of Jaxson he was on the side lines dancing.

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Rhonda said...

You have a beautiful family! It was so good hearing from you! I'm so glad Jaxon is doing good. When I read your post about adopting from HK (if you adopt again) and possibly a child with DS, I teared up! It's amazing how God puts you in the places he does, at the time he wants you there! So amazing!!!