Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Check Out This Blog

I have been following a blog of a family that just traveled to China to get their daughter. When they got to China they found their daughter on her death bed in a hospital. God kept this child alive for them and got her home and today she is having MAJOR heart surgery. These people adopted this precious child not knowing how long they would have their daughter. Anyway I was reading a post that she wrote this morning and I wanted to share part of it with you.

I know many of our friends and family are praying as I had asked you to consider how God might be speaking to your heart about adoption. Oh how my heart swells when I think about just ONE MORE child knowing that LOVE of not only a Mommy and a Daddy but the LOVE of our Heavenly Father through the hands and feet of His people. Imagine with me: we often think of hands and feet in terms of mission work both local and abroad, doing a kind deed for an elderly neighbor, working with youth who may be neglected at home, delivering food to those in need. These are all wonderful acts of service and we should all be a part of these opportunities that surround us everyday. What if you had the opportunity to be God's hands and feet to a child not just for one night a week or during a special holiday time? What if God called you to the be His hands and feet AND HEART to a child forever? What if I told you the GIFT you would receive would be unlike any other? Pray on and pray hard! He will guide you in this mission. And if He is calling, HE WILL PROVIDE.

God is using this family in BIG ways to show his love for orphans even with them going through one of the toughest days of their lives. Please go read more of their blog and pray for this child and the family http://www.roomforatleastonemore.blogspot.com/.

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