Friday, June 13, 2008

I am so excited to finally start a family blog and a blog to share my passion for orphan care and orphan ministry. A friend helped me come up with the name of the blog because we simply don't know if God if finished building our family yet.

God first blessed me with a wonderful Christian man 10 years ago. In October we will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. This wonderful Christian man is a man that is open to whatever God calls us to and that is a man that is a gift from God.

After 4 years of infertility God blessed us with a miracle child and 9 months after Amaya was born we were very surprised with another miracle pregnancy and that is our daughter Paige.

God placed adoption on my heart as a teen and finally after all these years God has given me a chance to be the mother to a beautiful 2 year old boy from China who was born without one of his arms.

Now we have a house full of toddlers with a 2,3 and 4 year old and I don't think our house will ever be clean again but it is sure full of love and lots of hugs and kisses.

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Dolores said...

I have a home with three "toddlers" again and can so relate to your statement that "my house will never be clean again"! LOL But it's so worth it. I just remind myself to keep counting my blessings. You and I have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. I hope the blessings continue.