Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jaxson's First Football Season

Something I honestly thought we would never be involved in is football. Chris and I know NOTHING about football! When the forms came home from school about flag football Jaxson started begging me to let him play football. I honestly kept trying to change the subject but he wouldn't quit. Finally a friend of ours told me I needed to let him play and that friend promised me that flag football is safe so my little man shouldn't get hurt.

We took him in for sign up and he was soooooo excited. Jaxson loved playing and man when he got that ball he could outrun anyone. It was fun watching him even though I still know NOTHING about football.

The coach had his hands full with Jaxson though because it was boy time for Jaxson and so he would go crazy jumping around, wrestling, running and well pretty much turned into a frog during practice because he was so excited to be around boys.

Jaxson told our caseworker yesterday that she needs to bring us a million boys.

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