Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

Do you believe in it? I do because I have seen it happen too many times not to believe in it.

So here's the deal, yesterday I was holding a fundraiser for a family and they were doing very good and then my computer totally crashed, lost everything and it couldn't have been a worse day for it to happen.

The very busiest part of the day for fundraisers I was not able to be on to answer questions and to be adding to stock because it was getting low. I have no doubt in my mind that this is because Satan wasn't happy that this was going well for this family.

Thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law I now have my computer back, and it is running better than it did before.

Want to help fight back??? We are extending the fundraiser through today and I will be adding TONS of pendants throughout the day. $5 of every pendant sold today will go to this family to help bring their son home. They are submitting their paperwork tomorrow so they will be traveling soon so let's just bless their socks off.

PS Even if your not ordering will you stand in prayer with us because I believe we need it today.


Click here to shop and to help fight back.

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