Monday, August 25, 2008

Well, I just realized today that it has been 3 months ago today that God placed our precious son in our arms. That day was the longest day of our lives waiting for them to bring Jaxson to us.

As you can tell he was one little, sad, scared and beat up (he got in a fight over toys that morning) little, tiny, beautiful boy. He looks so lost in these pictures doesn't he?

Now 3 months later we have the happiest little boy I have ever seen. Jaxson is so full of joy not to mention full of energy to. Jaxson has 2 sisters that are madly in love with him and a mommy and daddy that are crazy about him too. Jaxson has his own bed to sleep in now, plenty of food to eat and way more toys than he would ever need. The best part is that Jaxson is soooooo very loved by so many people now. We are so thankful for this incredible blessing God has given us!!!!!

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Tony and Rett said...

We're so glad you're here too, Jaxson!!!! That was an even LONGER day for us (to wait for you to get him).

We love you!!!

Your future Mother-In-Law