Saturday, December 3, 2011

Did You Hear The News???

Well, yesterday as I was checking out in the grocery store I got the call we have been anxiously waiting for. I hate even saying it that way because you look forward to getting to be foster parents but at the same time it breaks your heart to know that the kids usually have a pretty crappy reason of why they are coming. Anyway I answered as I was paying and she said "I'm not sure this is the call you have been waiting for, would you be willing to take 4 kids?" Wow! I honestly didn't even have enough time to think about the answer to that other than I had been praying that we would accept the first call that came in because whatever it was it was in God's hands. I made a quick call to Chris and before he even had time to think about it he said yes. About and hour later I was on my way to go pick up 4 small kiddos to share our home with.

These kids came with pretty much nothing but we knew God would take care of everything and he is. I have to share a pretty cool story with you. A few weeks ago God laid it on my heart to buy a pair of sparkly shoes for a girl. I felt like I was supposed to give these to someone traveling to Haiti soon. The day I felt that I saw a pair but I didn't want to spend the money so I didn't buy them. It has truly bugged me for 2 weeks that I passed up that pair of shoes. Yesterday morning about a half hour before I got the call I was at that same store and saw another pair of sparkly shoes and I picked them up right away because I didn't want my heart to be tortured with it anymore and I just needed to buy them. When the kids came here last night they all had shoes (other than itty, bitty) except for the little girl. I didn't even think about that pair of shoes last night after the craziness but this morning I looked on the table and there was that pair of shoes I bought yesterday and guess who they fit perfectly? Sometimes when God tugs at your heart listen because he could be preparing you for something.

I don't know if we will have these little blessing around for 2 more days or who knows how long. What I do know is that if we would have answered "no" out of fear that we would have missed out on 4 amazing little blessings.

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