Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sitting Here Wondering

When I was pregnant I was so anxious to find out if it was a boy or a girl. With Amaya we found out as soon as we could but with Paige we chose to wait ( I wish we wouldn't have since she ended up being a NICU baby and the delivery didn't turn out as I planned).

When God showed us our son there was no wondering, we knew we were bringing home a boy and we even knew how old he would be.

Now with this foster care thing we totally have no idea what child/children God will be having us share our home with. We should have everything done around Thanksgiving and our house could be filled with itty, bitty tiny feet.

Or...God could end up filling our home with a little bigger feet or even several more feet.

It's a lot harder to prepare for your new arrival when you don't know if it's a boy, a girl, a newborn or a 7 year old. We don't know if the child will be healthy, sick or disabled. We don't have any clue what color our child/children we get to love on for a season will be. It's the same excitement as waiting for that ultrasound other than we don't know if our child will weigh 5 pounds or 60.

All I know is that there are 5 very excited people in our house waiting until that day we get that first phone call. This process has been such a great way to be talking to the kids about being the hands and feet of Christ, reaching out to those in need, working hard (trying to get the house ready for the homestudy) and also teaching them about waiting.


Mark and Melanie said...

Praying for this phase of your journey and so excited for all of you!!

christina said...

Can't wait to read about this new journey of faith...if you still have time to blog! :)