Sunday, June 26, 2011


Several months ago I opened a blog for the first time that had me laughing so hard I was laughing out loud. It was so good that I went and emailed my friend Rett right away to have her go read the blog. I tried to find the post that had me laughing so hard but I couldn't find it, sorry.

Anyway this blog is written by a mom who is very real, very funny and she blogs about everyday life as a mom, a wife, a woman and she just happens to be an adoptive mom. This blog is not only for adoptive families though. This blog is good for any mom out there and you will not get bored with this blog.

Millions of Miles is giving away a Kindle to her readers!!! Go check out the blog and see how you can get a chance to win (OK, I don't really want you to win because this would be really nice when I go on vacation).


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Megan said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah!